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Where get prednisone
Who may prednisone be prescribed for?

Prednisone is a highly efficient corticosteroid medication that can be sued for a wide range of conditions, such as skin conditions, ulcerative colitis, lupus, psoriasis, arthritis, breathing disorders, allergic disorders and some other ones as recommended by your health care provider. Its effects are based on preventing the release of substances that are responsible for causing inflammation therefore making it possible for the patient to keep the symptoms under control. The only way for you to benefit from taking Prednisone is to take it regularly exactly as prescribed without exceeding the dose recommended or taking less than prescribed. The way you will need to use Prednisone also depends on the condition you are using it for. Prednisone is supposed to be taken for as long as told by your health care provider, and you are supposed to report any possible contraindications before starting the treatment. Being allergic to prednisone or having an allergic reaction to this medicine may prevent you from safely taking prednisone. In any of those cases make sure you discuss everything with your health care provide beforehand. Corticosteroids can lower the effectiveness of your immune system, and it may be easier for you to get an infection. That’s why taking prednisone is also associated with following all the recommendations of your health care provider concerning places that you are not supposed to visit (for example, public places) and things you are not supposed to do (getting live vaccines etc). In general this medication is very efficient and works for the absolute majority of people taking it. The dose you are prescribed may depend on a number of factors, and your health care provider will have to decide how much of this drug you will be supposed to take and how often to benefit from it. It’s very important to follow all the recommendations of your doctor This is the only way you can succeed with your treatment and make sure it’s effective. Before you start using Prednisone talking to your doctor is recommended – you are supposed to discuss any medical conditions you have and drugs you are taking, as these factors are important in determining the dose you are prescribed. Make sure you are honest with your doctor, as this is the only way you will be able to benefit form your treatment without suffering from any side effects that are considered to be serious. If you have been prescribed a dose of Prednisone that is higher that that indicated on the label – make sure you take it anyway, as your dose is tailored to your individual needs, while the one indicated on the label is aimed at an average patient. Since your doctor knows the situation very well (your general health condition etc), it will be wiser for you to follow his recommendations rather than those on the label. Always make sure you ask any questions you have before the appointment is over and you have to go home – don’t count on finding this information online, as getting it from a reliable source is always better.
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